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HA5 High Density Mineral Bond

HA5 High Density Mineral Bond

About Andale Construction

Safety is viewed as a vital tool in preserving the bright future of everyone in our company and community. Our management team is laser-focused on providing clear policies and procedures by which to work and live. With constant support and improvements, our goal of a zero injury workplace is achievable and sustainable.

Andale Ready Mix Central, Inc. prides itself with our service to customers. The new technology Andale Ready Mix Central features involves the way the concrete is mixed. Inside the mixer are a series of paddles along two rotating shafts. The action of the paddles mixes and whips the concrete rigorously creating a product that is unrivaled in our market. We also have certified lab personnel who are on constant prowl to make sure what we are sending to our customers is a great product. To help with that service we have included an in house laboratory to test our concrete and form a database of records for all our mixes.

Andale Company Emblem

Outer Ring: God Above All
3-part Ring: Perseverance, Integrity and excellence in all we do.
Horns Protruding Through Ring: Our Team has no boundaries on what we can achieve together.
Oxen: Strength & Hard Work Ethics of people is key to our success.
Double-Oxen: The Power of Teamwork
‘A’ on Yoke: We are the A-Team

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