About Us

Here at Andale Construction, we pride ourselves on delivering products of paramount quality. We set ourselves apart by continuing to use advanced construction methods which reduce cost to the customer and increase durability. Better yet, we stand behind our final product and offer warranties unmatched in our industry! We have a well rounded team that understands construction and how everyone on the job must work together as one to perform at a high level. We do not see any project as too great or too small and are always ready to take on a challenge!

Over the years, we have established strong customer relationships and we pride ourselves on repeat business as well as referrals from these customers. Management and senior employees are committed to educating both our customers and our employees on best practices of our construction processes. In each project everyone learns and continues to grow which provides an excellent working relationship for all involved.

Our company emblem is a constant reminder to each one of our employees on how we conduct business.  The outer ring is a symbol for the "Golden Rule".  The three broken rings symbolize Perseverance, Integrity, and Excellence in all that we do. The Oxen are symbols for the strength and hard work ethics of our people. The double oxen together symbolizes the importance of teamwork.  Last but not least "A" in the yoke is a reminder of having a great "ATTITIUDE"! 



Company Location

Andale Construction / Andale Ready Mix Central serves all over Wichita and into many part of its surrounding areas. Our main branch is centrally located in Wichita, KS with our initial plant residing in Andale, KS.

7700 N Hayes Drive • Valley Center, KS 67147