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Slurrying cement has long been recognized as a better way of efficiently utilizing cement for soil stabilization. Aside from the obvious environmental advantage of a dust free application, pre-mixing the cement with water allows for more effective hydration of the cement and more consistent results.

However, cement is much heavier than water and keeping it mixed consistently without separating requires constant agitation. In addition, when mixed with water, the cement performs as it was designed, it begins hydrating and preparing to set. To keep the cement in a fluid state requires a significant amount of water and constant mixing. The high percentage of water in the mix also required containment procedures when poured on the ground.

Because the cement begins to hydrate in water, the delivery and application times were short. Mixing, placing and compacting had to be accomplished in a very short period of time.

Andale Construction Inc.'s new SuperSlurry not only solves these problems, it also provides more advantages. SuperSlurry provides a thicker more consistent mix of water and cement while retaining flow-ability and controlling set times. No containment is necessary and constant mechanical agitation is not required.

About SuperSlurry

SuperSlurry is an ingeniously engineered system that maximizes treatment and extends delivery range. Our system incorporates cutting edge particle suspension properties and mixing processes that reinvent the word "slurry". SuperSlurry not only significantly modifies the soil, but provides true soil stabilization. The results are greater compressive strengths and decreased permeability. The characteristics that impact consistent soil coverage is carefully managed to insure steady consistent texture, flow and strength. SuperSlurry transforms cement stabilization into a dust-free option both for ease of use and extended pot-life.

SuperSlurry was designed to improve the efficiency of our customers. We provide the highest level of consistency available in the stabilization field. Cement is the benchmark of quality building materials. SuperSlurry gives our customers the cement they need with the ease of use they want while reducing the construction carbon emission foot-print enabling an environmentally conscious construction site.

SuperSlurry has been used in many different ways of new construction such as for oil field sites to strengthen the surface of the pad to hold up to the rigorous abuse of oil drilling activity. On county roads where full depth reclemation (FDR) is done by mixing existing asphalt then incorporating the Super Slurry process saving money by not having to add any haul off or haul in cost. Super Slurry has also been used on building pads where no loss time has been an issue due to weather elements because construction can continue with the stabalized subgrade allowing for work. These counties and companies have been extremely excited by the technology that allowed dry cement to be used in a safe and environmentally friendly way. Early use of SuperSlurry on roads connecting parking lots near Ameriquest Field in Arlington, Texas focused the spotlight on this new product. The stabilization crews were amazed by the new, easy-to-use, predictability of SuperSlurry; so much so that geotechnical engineers designed it for use in the new Dallas Cowboy stadium and its adjacent roads and parking lots. Hundreds of thousands of tons of SuperSlurry have been incorporated in soils over the past 5 years in Texas, Louisiana, Illinois, Indiana and Kansas.     





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