Here at Andale Construction we believe one of our most important investments is providing a competitive employee benefits program. We appreciate the value of our employees and the contributions they bring to the workplace and to our mission. We know our employees view there benefits package as an important part of their total compensation. The owners of Andale Construction has made it their policy to paying a significant portion of the employee and dependent premiums. This is an investment in the health of our valued employees and helps insure the health of their loved ones. We understand that benefit packages can be complex and if you should have any questions please contact our Human Resource Department at ruth@andalereadymix.com                                    

Andale Benefit Package                                                                                      To Apply for a Job             

  • MEDICAL INSURANCE                                                                       1. Click on the Application Form
  • DENTAL COVERAGE                                                                          2. Print this form and fill it out
  • PRESCRPTION INSURANCE                                                             3. Bring this form to the office adress below or email to ruth@andalereadymix.com
  • VISION INSURANCE                                                                                  7700 N Hayes Drive • Valley Center, KS 67147 
  • SHORT TERM DISABILITY                                                                                                   
  • LONG TERM DISBILITY                                                                       
  • PERFORMANCE REVIEWS                                                                                                              







Company Location

Andale Construction / Andale Ready Mix Central serves all over Wichita and into many part of its surrounding areas. Our main branch is centrally located in Wichita, KS with our initial plant residing in Andale, KS.

7700 N Hayes Drive • Valley Center, KS 67147