HA5 High Density Mineral Bond

Over 300 Million Sq Ft • "Installed 15-Year Performance Evaluations" • The Choice of 135 Public Agencies

HA5 is a High Density Mineral Bond uniquely emulsified with a near neutral charge that is able to hold a proprietary blend of fine aggregates. 
Limiting oxidative damage from moisture is fundamental to HA5’s preservation qualities. But just as critical to the prevention of oxidative damage from moisture is preventing oxidative damage from UV rays. UV rays are strong throughout the western U.S., especially in higher elevations as well as desert regions. 
HA5 combats oxidation from UV rays by including limited amounts of specific polymers to reflect damaging UV rays. 

400% less cracking

What is the treatment category?

High Density Mineral Bond (Brand name: HA5 is the only product meeting the specification established by the APWA)

What it’s not…
Fog seal, chip seal, polymer/mastic, slurry, or overlay.

Independently Tested
HA5 has been independently evaluated by Nolte Engineering and was recommended as a superior option to slurry seals on residential (lower load/volume) roadways and parking surfaces.  

Slurry Preservation Types

Delaying Cost
Research indicates that significant oxidative damage takes place early in the life of pavement before damage is visible at the surface.

Pavement Preservation Graph




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