Compacted Concrete Paving

"The Improved RCC"

 A new pavement for a new millennium. Faster installations, lower initial costs, lower life cycle costs, and the most sustainable available. We construct long-lasting pavements with the highest quality.


What is CCP?

CCP (Compacted Concrete Pavement) is an advanced form of RCC (Roller Compacted Concrete). CCP differs from RCC in that it requires less compac-tive effort, can be finished in texture and is easier to construct.

CCP has zero slump and a similar unit weight as a typical RCC mix and is produced and constructed with the same specifications. The major differences in construction are that CCP has a longer "fresh" or "green" period and requires little or no rolling. Another distinct difference is that we do not finish the surface with a roller. In its place we use a trowel machine to make the surface more uniform and consistent. Using our patent pending finishing process, along with the ACEiT admix, we can now construct a textured surface on the pavement that is indistinguishable from conventional concrete.



/media/files/CCP Publication Final 2016.pdf






Company Location

Andale Construction / Andale Ready Mix Central serves all over Wichita and into many part of its surrounding areas. Our main branch is centrally located in Wichita, KS with our initial plant residing in Andale, KS.

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