Pavement Solutions


Andale Construction offers a variety of paving systems and methods that will fit your specific needs.

Roller Compacted Concrete Paving

Roller Compacted concrete paving(RCC) got it's start in the seventies. When the logging industry switched to environmentally cleaner, land based log-sorting methods. The industry needed a strong pavement to stand up to massive loads and specialized equipment. Today's RCC owes much of it's versatility to economically competing with other paving applications. Andale's RCC is strong, versatile, and in most cases-looks like conventional concrete paving.

Conventional Concrete Paving

Andale Construction has extensive experience with many types of concrete paving from curb and gutter, to road and street paving, to airport paving, and various types of site concrete. With and experienced crew and equipment such as truss screeds & laser screeds, we can tackle about any type of site concrete or paving project.

Asphalt Systems

Paired with Andales Cement Soil Stabilization or FDR process, Asphalt paving can be placed on these systems. Depending on traffic, loading and use-asphalt paving in varying thicknesses and profiles can be installed directly upon these systems

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